One week ago

A wonderful job, Just as i'd pictured it! Thank you!

Tai-nin on
3 months ago

Loved how it turned out, was done very quickly as well

AkimFur on ych.commishes.c...l-forces-/
3 months ago

Very good quality work with a quick turn around time too. Worth every penny

fusioncam on ych.commishes.c...ary-stuff/
4 months ago

Amazing work! Thank you!

Atorshan on ych.commishes.c...ych-magic/
4 months ago

Perfect! Everything I wanted and more!

OrionZephyr on ych.commishes.c...gic-blame/
6 months ago

Very happy with the result! He was great to work with and sent several WIP images for progress updates. Would definitely commission again :)

Jejjing on ych.commishes.c...l-forces-/
6 months ago

Very fast and very well done, thank you

dragonhuman on
6 months ago

This is the best art that I have received yet! Very well done!

Dugger on ych.commishes.c...ic-knight/
7 months ago

I absolutely love it, they captured the character and what i had in mind for their magic perfectly.

Wiccax on ych.commishes.c...gic-blame/
8 months ago

Amazing art quality

ChromeFE on ych.commishes.c...agic-cast/
8 months ago

Fantastic work! Thank you very much!

kaledrome on ych.commishes.c...gic-cast-/
8 months ago

Absolutely fantastic end product. The artist is very talented and a sweetheart to work with.

SpikedHead on ych.commishes.c...ld-master/
9 months ago

This work came out amazing, the custom work away from just the ych is wonderful and i love the atmosphere. The process was very hands on and i felt i had a good say in the creation of this piece. Ill be happily returning for more work later.

darkiscool3 on ych.commishes.c...ow-master/
9 months ago

Awesome art, and a good artist whose willing to listen to your requests

JaguarJackal on ych.commishes.c...-mission-/
9 months ago

Commission finished and delivered, came out alright! Thank you very much ^ ^

FionGrim on ych.commishes.c...turbation/
11 months ago

Hugarden was wonderful to work with, and I couldn't be happier with the final product. Their art is fantastic and so are they. Will definitely be commissioning them again!

Tobin on ych.commishes.c...der-magic/
One year ago

Absolutely amazing! I'm in love with the final result and would love to work with the artist again. <3

Coheed on ych.commishes.c...gic-blame/
One year ago

Artist was friendly and art was gorgeous

MercStark on ych.commishes.c...explosion/
One year ago

This has turned out stunning, done quickly and with a very friendly disposition from the artist. Cant be happier than I am <3<33

jagnroku on ych.commishes.c...serk-mode/
One year ago

An absolutely stellar work done by Hugarden ! They put a great deal of attention in every little detail, makes some of the best looking magic on this website and are just generally very kind^^

Briefgarde on ych.commishes.c...-of-power/