2 weeks ago

Such a lovely design! Very beautiful Egyptian outfit and she’s also extremely sexy!!! I would definitely love to buy more of your characters in the future <3

KyubiNoKitsune on ych.commishes.c...ptable-66/
One month ago

Got it fast and on time! Love the art! Thank you to the artist!

WattsAwpdawg on ych.commishes.c...ptable-62/
One month ago

Nadueng makes incredible and ornate characters, and I was very lucky to be able to adopt a lovely character made by them! They were quick with payment info and communication, and delivered the adopt promptly!

guser on ych.commishes.c...ptable-60/
One month ago

Amazing art! She's adorable. It was a pleasure to work with Nadueng - and I hope to get more art done by them in the future!

BlackSheepWall on ych.commishes.c...ptable-58/
2 months ago

Mmmmmm yes good

JabberwockySockies on ych.commishes.c...ptable-57/
2 months ago

very cute and detailed in design

Kazimir9091 on ych.commishes.c...ptable-54/
2 months ago

Another beautiful adopt, highly recommend. Thank you!

Yuujiloid on ych.commishes.c...ptable-56/
2 months ago

Cool design! Detailed, but doesn't go so crazy that it's distracting.

redricesoup on ych.commishes.c...ptable-55/
2 months ago

The artist was quick to respond and the design is also very cute and uses it's colors very well.

picarocrimson on ych.commishes.c...ptable-53/
2 months ago

amazing quality and wonderful and prompt communication. 10/10

nemu-efude on ych.commishes.c...ptable-52/
2 months ago

The artist was very prompt and professional with their responses, I would recommend them!

OminousCloudsAhead on ych.commishes.c...ptable-45/
2 months ago

Artist was polite, easy to work with, and quick to respond!

UmbralOreo on ych.commishes.c...ptable-44/
2 months ago

wonderful art and designs, and a very nice person! everything was quick and easy, and i would happily purchase from them again! :]

ouija on ych.commishes.c...ptable-42/
2 months ago

Very helpful, and lovely work :)

allykuma on ych.commishes.c...ptable-41/
2 months ago

The artist has such beautiful work and is quick to respond and deliver art ❤️

Lasarys on ych.commishes.c...ptable-40/
3 months ago

I love this design!!! Thank you, very fast seller ^w^

Yatagarasu4 on ych.commishes.c...optabe-37/
4 months ago

Love the chracter. Artist was quick to respond.

Paledingo666 on ych.commishes.c...ptable-33/
4 months ago

Lovely art and very sweet and patient seller! Was very understanding, fast and professional with brilliant communication as well, I would 100% recommend!

Vanrouge on ych.commishes.c...ptable-31/
5 months ago

The adopts are adorable and the artist is so nice and fast to deliver! c:

TheLilNewt on ych.commishes.c...ptable-29/
5 months ago

Artist was nice and design is beautiful, thanks!

AbbyGoesMoo on ych.commishes.c...ptable-23/