3 months ago

fast, friendly and gorgeous art ^^

jack020 on ych.commishes.c...e-willows/
3 months ago

Thank you for such a great work on Furina <3

Zeechet on ych.commishes.c...st-friend/
4 months ago

The work was speedy and the artist was communicative, as well as a wonderful result!

TempestStorm on ych.commishes.c...z-with-me/
6 months ago

Such a pretty piece, love the glimmer of them gems ^^

WinterEnefelde on ych.commishes.c...-a-friend/
10 months ago

This artist was great to work with, was responsive, and very attentive to my needs. Thank you again for a great experience.

badfaith on ych.commishes.c...orite-toy/
10 months ago

Absolutely amazing work. Really love the result and definitely coming back for more.

Nyxumi on ych.commishes.c...orite-toy/
11 months ago

The artist was nice and easy to work with! They gave updates regularly and asked if any changes were needed, which for me weren't. They even created multiple variants of the background for me so I could choose one I liked, which was really nice, too.

nekori on ych.commishes.c...orite-toy/
One year ago

Spectacular result, and well worth the wait. They captured my character so well, and were very engaged with update WIPs and questions to make sure that the animation was exactly what I wanted.

Aero on ych.commishes.c...ch-kitten/
One year ago

Absolutely perfect, I love it ^^

Entropy on ych.commishes.c...g-flowers/
One year ago

Amazing and adorable. A wonderful rep of the character.

Felsunder on ych.commishes.c...orite-toy/
One year ago

Artist was very kind and art was finished quickly and exactly as described!

SiaVoleur on ych.commishes.c...orite-toy/
One year ago

I loved the artwork, super cheap for such good work

Fluffo_qt on ych.commishes.c...on-kitten/
One year ago

Artist was quick in communications and would love to see more from them.

twilightstarastarte on ych.commishes.c...rry-mouse/
One year ago

I really liked this character, not only in appearance but also in his story. The author is very kind and quickly answered my questions. Thank you very much!

glintveinkoto on ych.commishes.c...adoptable/
One year ago

A total delight, love the end results!

Nahogani on ych.commishes.c...orite-toy/
One year ago

Pretty unique character designs with very sweet art! The artist is super kind and responsive!! ✨ Great work.

NameGoesHere on ych.commishes.c...ms-ellada/
One year ago

Absolutely awesome art! The final art was even beyond what was initially promised. And an absolute pleasure to work with!

Kosmos on ych.commishes.c...ting-card/