10 hours ago

Amazing work as always from Alexa

CollarSpider on ych.commishes.c...rtime-ych/
One week ago

Super lovely art, very quick delivery, very fair price. I couldn't be happier with this piece!

narak on ych.commishes.c...rings-ych/
2 months ago

The artist was incredibly fast and the piece looks great!

HandrailJoe on ych.commishes.c...-mine-ych/
11 months ago

Absolutely perfect work as always. I highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend Alexatyan. They always do a such a great job on these art pieces.

Lyons565 on ych.commishes.c...o-you-ych/
One year ago

I very much appreciated the artist and their responsiveness! They did a great job on my piece and I would commission with them again for sure! ^.^

Mizuki-Lynette on ych.commishes.c...-nsfw-ych/
One year ago


Puppr on ych.commishes.c...ouple-ych/
One year ago

It's so soft and precious and perfect!! I love every little detail about this so much 💙 Thanks again!

Client on ych.commishes.c...o-you-ych/
One year ago

Both me and my s/o are taken aback how pretty this ended up becoming<3 Will definitely commission again at some point, worth every penny ! :3

Astarel on ych.commishes.c...sion-slot/
One year ago

I love that

Brisksnow on ych.commishes.c...witch-ych/
One year ago

Absolutely amazing art and amazing to work with. Very patient artist <3

IllustriousGrave on ych.commishes.c...oness-ych/
One year ago

Super quick and turned out amazing! Very pretty! Thank you again!

leliepad on ych.commishes.c...arden-ych/
One year ago

thank you so much! beautiful art and a lovely person, will definitely commission them again in the future ♡

Gavialis on ych.commishes.c...on-slot-a/
One year ago

Artist was amazing to work with and even made changes for me far passed the point they should have. The results were amazing and the gift for ABing was absolutely amazing. I'm happy to have commissioned them multiple times and absolutely recommend them

Kuren on ych.commishes.c...-ych-nsfw/
One year ago

Art turned out amazing and artist was great to work with!

Atomic_Defender on ych.commishes.c...ch-slot-b/
2 years ago

It's cute and romantic but also pretty naughty and sexy 😏

CollarSpider on ych.commishes.c...-kiss-ych/
2 years ago

Puppr on ych.commishes.c...ch-slot-a/
2 years ago

Puppr on ych.commishes.c...ether-ych/
2 years ago

Puppr on ych.commishes.c...t-you-ych/
2 years ago

Absolutely great work as always. Hope to get one more of these for my friend after my next paycheck if i can

Client on ych.commishes.c...on-slot-a/
2 years ago

Puppr on ych.commishes.c...eetly-ych/