Love it thank you so much X3

beclawse on ych.commishes.c...s-allowed/
One month ago

It was very quick and this person was so nice! Highly recommend them, I’m super happy with the outcome

CLUSTERIAN on ych.commishes.c...Q/wounded/
2 months ago

Gorgeous, fast work! Artist is amazing!

Phirou on ych.commishes.c...ry-arrows/
2 months ago

Awesome piece, the artist is very talented and a pleasure to work with!

WinterEnefelde on ych.commishes.c...w-wounded/
3 months ago

Beautiful work! So detailed and expressive, I love it!

Entropy on ych.commishes.c...f-thorns-/
4 months ago

I absolutely love it -- his colours look fantastic, and I was so excited to see him in this style!!

thehormones on ych.commishes.c...ibari-ych/
4 months ago

Such a gorgeous style and quick turn around!

backseat on ych.commishes.c...the-knife/
6 months ago

Did fantastic!! Super quick and friendly too!

Gothikit on ych.commishes.c.../eyes-cmm/
6 months ago

cuuuute and super cool

LaineyUzaki on ych.commishes.c...K/dst-ych/
6 months ago

It's an amazing drawing. The artist drew everything very quickly and with high quality. He was pleasant to talk to.

Tzo-Hea on ych.commishes.c...ketch-ych/
7 months ago

Love both artworks! Thankyou!!

Ellehcore on ych.commishes.c...-210-open/
9 months ago

Stunning and beautiful

SUPERMADMAXMAN on ych.commishes.c...-sofarkid/
9 months ago

Gorgeous work done very quickly!

Filfi on ych.commishes.c...ysofarkid/
9 months ago

I cannot overstate how much I love this piece, and it was done within hours of payment. I will absolutely come back for more art from this artist!

Alluvial on ych.commishes.c...ysofarkid/
9 months ago

lovely and quick!

naniibanani on ych.commishes.c...-sofarkid/
10 months ago

SO COOL!! Adore the style to bits!! <3

PoundToundHound on ych.commishes.c...ysofarkid/
10 months ago

Very good work. I appreciate the effort.

GrimdarkLindy on ych.commishes.c...P/dst-ych/
11 months ago

I love everything about this

Captn_hawk on ych.commishes.c...heart-dst/
One year ago

Absolutely stunning !

Captn_hawk on ych.commishes.c...e-22-open/
One year ago

Quick and easy. Turned out great!

ShadowAxe on ych.commishes.c...-sso-huge/
One year ago